Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Devonport and a day out!

Wednesday we went to Devonport and walked around and had lunch. We then drove to Mt Victoria and took a ton of pictures I am only showing you a few because I don't have the patience to upload any more I guess I am getting lazy!

Later in the night after we came home and had dinner we decided to paint! I wish I always had a place to paint but this is the first time where everyone is gone and I can finally use the table yay! I have decided that I need to get an art table for my room and I need to get a dresser cause it is just too crowded and not doing art because I don't have a table is just plain stupid!

Today we are taking the bus to town and we are meeting one of my friends for lunch!


Lacey said...

the big mushrooms remind me of mario brothers!

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