Sunday, October 26, 2008

Going out and Partying hard!!!!

Saturday we woke up and took the ferry to Waiheke Island! Of course I was hung over and of course the engine on the ferry doesn't work so we just float around for like 30 minutes and that makes us miss the bus once we arrive and of course it was raining! Besides all that we still had a really great day I guess when you are determined to have fun it is impossible not to!

The rain came and went all day long and it turned out to be a beautiful day! All we did was take the bus from vineyard to vineyard and drink and eat which just happens to be our favorite thing to do. All the vineyards had live jazz music so we were also entertained!

Later that night I went out with Grant and his friends to a bar to watch the league game and my mom was invited but she was too tired!

Look its half of both of our faces imagine that!

Sunday Morning we all woke up and went to the French Market place where we ate even more hahahaha. After the Market we went to the mall in search of a sweat shirt for my mom but didn't find one and ended up at the 2 dollar store again buying more pointless junk (which turns out to be one of my favorite past times).

After the mall it was only like 2pm and my mom and I were just sitting in the house wondering what now? So we put on our walking shoes and left for an adventure we walked all the way up Ponsonby then we got hungry cause we hadn't eaten in the last 5 minutes hahaha so we went to a really good restaurant and they had live music and one of the best deserts I have ever had! Its called benovie said like ben off eee It was amazing to say the least! We each had our own cause we like to eat a lot!


Eat Eat Drink Drink! The beer we had was good too called Hoegarden! Its Belgium!

This is the singer and he was amazing I think I might be in love with him! He is there every Sunday and I am going back!

After the eat-a-thon we walked all the way into town and walked around the sky city and from there we walked down to the Viaduct and listened to a live band in Danny Dolins. We had soo much fun and ended up really drunk by the end of the night!
Today is my Birthday and I am turning 25 Holy Crap! That is sooo old I feel like I should be an adult or something? Just another excuse to party and have fun! I miss everyone at home and any one who wants to come and visit me is welcome!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
it sounds like you guys are having so much fun! and that dessert looks soo yummy!


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