Thursday, October 23, 2008

Town and Painting

Yesterday Thursday it rained all day but we went to town anyways and i got some shoes really cheap ones and my mom looked for a back pack which she seems to try to buy almost every where we go! The funny thing is we have about 30 back packs at home!

Later that night we went to Parnell to a piano bar The Ivory Lounge and met up with Anna and had a few drinks.

Friday, today we never left the house but we painted all day and I did my tae Bo video woo hoo! Man it is actually pretty hard to do! There was actual sweat falling hahahhaha!

The above painting of shells is what I painted today they were collected from Devonport beach. I think I am going to do a series of shell paintings.
The above painting of the bird was done by my mom Kathy sooo talented! I get my talent from her and she always says she is no good and she is an excellent artist just as good as me or even better! I love her!
Tonight we are having a few friends over for some home made food yay!
look how blond my hair is now and its all natural ahhahahah!


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