Saturday, October 11, 2008

The weekend and working!

Friday night I met Grant and his friends and roommates at a local bar on the North Shore the Slip Inn and this is a video clip where Grants friends bet him 10 dollars to get up and do the chicken dance in front of the band. There was a large pole in my way so if you look really hard you can barley see some one in a white t-shirt moving behind the pole but it was funny anyways. After the bar but still really early we went back to the house and everyone played ping pong.

Saturday morning Anna came over and we went to the Zoo! It is fun to go to the zoo with different people. Sybilla always loves it too!

She is wearing her monkey hoodie!

Anna and Sybilla

Anna and me and Sybilla why we are leaning down I don't know.

A blurry attempt to get a pic of town while grant was driving.
Saturday night Grant and I went out to dinner at a Mexican food place that I just learned about called Hola! I think I have now had the best margarita so far but the food wasn't really that Mexican.
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