Wednesday, November 12, 2008

End of my moms trip=(

Saturday me and my mom and Peter and Sybilla all went for the day to Pete and Michelle's house for lunch, but first we stopped off at this really neat out door market.

some one had a baby lamb for sybilla to pet

Pete and Michelle's vineyard

Saturday Night it was Anna's birthday so we all went to dinner and then to a bar just up the road!

Anna and me

Sunday morning my mom and I drove to a hot rod event and visited with Greg!

After the hot rod show we went quickly to Mel and Craig's place so my mom could see their shop and Peter's Car.

Below Peter's parents were going on a ride in the plane that is behind my mom and I

Sunday night I took my mom to the airport and said goodbye! It was super sad!
After I dropped her off my friend Alina was having a house warming get together in her new place so I took some pictures and below is what her new place looks like! Pretty nice!

Alina doing dishes what a nice dinner she made!
Today is Thursday and I feel like I have done a ton of stuff this week! I have been watching Sybilla, got a library card, joined the gym, layed out and got a little tan, worked on some art and just got back from meeting Alina for coffee and buying some shoes! Tomorrow I am tramping with Anna on the Ringatoto Island! yay!!!


Anonymous said...

looks like the weather is getting nice and you are able to wear some summery clothes now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kiddo. Another great blog. Keep 'em coming. Love ya'...DAD

beeswax said...

I miss you a bunch. We had such a great time together. Keep on seeing the land there, there's so much to see and do.
I love you, MOM

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