Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and The big party!

Friday the 31 of October my mom and I went to the top of the sky tower for lunch! What a great view and wonderful food!

After lunch we walked to a market place where she decided to try on this really cool hat!
Later in the night my friends came over and we all went out to celebrate Halloween! Boo!

I was the Devil!

Devil and gold girl

Me and Anna who was 80'S

me and the Pirate

I ended up drinking way too much that night and I get super sick the whole next day I guess the devil made me do it! hahaha I lost my devil horns too!
Saturday was our combo birthday party. We had a great time.

Me and my mom
Me and Alina

That cake was really really good!
Sunday morning Grant drove me to get my new antique desk, I needed him to take me because it wouldn't fit in my car. We brought a picnic with us and stopped at the beach to eat our yummy left over food.

This was the best I could do with the camera timer.
Tomorrow we are on to our next adventure in the South Island! Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Thanks to your wonderful blogs, and your mom's, I feel like I'm almost there with you in "God's country". Please keep up the good work, and keep having fun! Love ya'...DAD

Anna said...


I had a blast celebrating Halloween, doing shots to your birthday and the party! Have fun in the South Island!!!

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