Wednesday, November 5, 2008


we fed the sheep bread

old deserted gold mine town and it snowed

same day down the hill no snow but freezing

This morning it snowed and it was freezing! We loved it especially because we only see snow once in a while. Before we left for our day we fed the sheep and watched a border collie dog heard the sheep! It was really cool!
We went by the Wanaka Airport and got some coffee and saw some old planes, and from there we went to Bendingo which is an old abandoned gold mining town, when we drove around there it was really snowing and because of that we didn't get out of the car. After that we went to Cromwell where the two rivers meet and go into lake Dunstan.
On our way home we went by the grocery store and got some food for dinner. While dinner was being made we watched the election on TV and we were all very excited to see Obama win! YAY
Dinner was awesome as usual, we had chicken and stuffing and peas and mashed potatoes and asparagus and gravy. For desert we had fruit with syrup on it yum. Earlier in the day for lunch we had meat pies (our first one) and ice cream from a fruit market! I would say since my mom has been here I think I have gained about 15 pounds and I am not over exaggerating literally my clothes don't fit anymore hhahahahhah! I guess that will give me something to do when she leaves! exercise!


Anna said...

Glad to hear the South Island trip is going well. Feels like summer up in the North Island. haha. Tell your mom I said congrats on the Obama win! Hope you guys have a blast! See you this weekend!

Anna said...

Oh, PS - I was just reading your blog profile and I just so happened to bring Christmas Vacation to help get into the Christmas spirit! We're going to have to have a Christmas PJ party and watch some flicks! lol.

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