Monday, November 3, 2008

South Island


below where we had lunch
Below the house!

Garth and Andrea's vineyard
My room all to my self soo cool!
Hello everyone!
My mom and I flew to Queens Town on Monday! We arrived in the best weather we could expect nice and warm! Andrea and Garth came and picked us up from the airport as soon as we arrived. We then were taken through arrow and cardona town? We stopped by the store to get stuff for dinner and on our way home we stopped by to feed some donkeys. Andrea and Garth's home is beautiful absolutely unbelievable!!!! For dinner we had pork and vegetable roast and it was amazing. We ended the night by watching part of Lord of the Rings because my mom and I have never seen it and a lot of it was filmed in NZ.

This morning started with my mom waking me up and saying everyone has been up for ages granted it was 9am and we are on vaca but oh well she wakes up early and I guess so do I. We had breakfast and then helped Andrea feed the roses, then took showers and got ready for the day and headed out. We went out for lunch to cafe FE and I had a really nice salad. After lunch we did a little running around and were dropped off in town to do some shopping and I got some soap and jewelry. We then watched the Melbourne horse racing at a bar, we wore hats and everything really fun. After the race (Garth won) we went to Their friend Grant's house and we had some drinks and snacks and now we are back at home drinking more and getting ready to eat dinner!

I have no idea what is planned for tomorrow but I think on thurs we are going to go on a gondola ride and possibly a boat ride so stay tuned!


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