Thursday, December 25, 2008


The day before Christmas we went to Dave's(the guy to the right of Grant) house to say goodbye because he is moving to the US for a while to be with his ex girl friend and his baby. Grant for some super weird reason thought it would be funny to cut his pants into really short shorts hahaha and wear that silly hat and vest and it worked, everyone was laughing. We also got some weird looks while shopping in the market.

(from left to right Dave, Sara, Mike aka Crockett, and mike aka Boots)
Christmas Morning with Grant! Cereal for breaky with banana and Strawberries soooo good!

After talking to my mom on the phone I got a little sad but Grant was there to cheer me up!

Before Lunch at Grant's dad's house we stopped by Alina's place to say hi!

She took a nice pic of us!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! For Christmas today I went with Grant to his dad's house for lunch. We had a really nice time, ate and drank good food consisting of ham, lamb, and veggies. Grant's dad is an excellent cook. In the next few days we are going to Coramandel to a concert and after that we are going up north to the beach. I will add pics in a day or so. Hope everyone has a great Christmas I miss everyone sooo much!

After finishing lunch at Grant's Father's house. His name is Dave.
Grant is helping wash dishes with his brother.
Adam and Grant (you can tell they are best friends by the way they are standing? right?)
It was funny watching them interact together and it was easy to tell they were brothers especially when Grant started to rip open Adam's present and their dad said somethings never change hahahahha!


beeswax said...

Merry Christmas Shannon and Grant,
Christmas is just not the same without you here. I'm making a turkey, did the turkey dance. Lili tore up the paper from the one gift.
Love you, MOM

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