Thursday, December 11, 2008


So in all the stores now they have these really cute long summer dresses for sale but the only thing is they cost like 60 to 80 dollars and they are literally made out of thin t-shirt material! Well I decided that I have to have one and I refuse to waste that much money on such a simple dress that isn't even worth 10 dollars. SO I went to the fabric store and bought some t-shirt material for 4 dollars and of course they didn't have a pattern for the type of dress I wanted so I decided that I would just make my own pattern. It only took me about 5 hours to make the whole dress hahhahaa. Granted it does look a little home made but that doesn't really matter because I am only going to wear it as a bathing suit cover up.

So here is the Dress! Sorry the photos are kinda crappy but I took them myself hahahah.
I think it came out ok after all!
Below is a picture of the light tree they have up in the local park! I guess because I am away from home and not doing any of the traditional Christmas things it just doesn't feel like the holidays, which is a good thing because that way I don't really feel sad like I am missing anything.

Thursday I went to the Botanical Gardens and met Mel for lunch. I had a really nice time walking around all the pretty flowers and getting out of the house to do something different, plus it is always nice talking to Mel!

Going to the Botanical Gardens never gets old either because there is always something new in bloom.

I caught this Bee mid flight!


Lacey said...

Oh my gosh Shannon your dress turned out sooo good. I dont know how you can figure out how to make a pattern ahah. I especially like the front, it fits so good. I was thinking about how its Christmas here and summer over there! your extra long winter is over

beeswax said...

Good job on the dress. Keep using that sewing machine - or Pete will throw it away with the rice steamer.
I love the flowers too, what a beautiful place.
Plein Air painting!!
Love you, MOM

Anonymous said...

Awsome dress Shannon, I'm very impressed!! It is always nice talking to you too :)

Anonymous said...

your dress looks so good! how could you make such a cute dress AND make it fit right, it seems too hard! ahha

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