Sunday, November 30, 2008

Long Bay

Saturday was such a sunny warm day that I packed up Sybilla and all her baby stuff (which you would not believe the amount of stuff it takes to get a baby through the day) and we went to see Grant and I made everyone go to the beach!

This is Long Bay Beach

He is sooo tan! Its insane!

When walking to the beach we saw Jem's friend Brook, so she joined our gang.

Me the whitest person on the beach.

Sybilla loved running around on the beach! Mike kept trying to stop her from eating the sand but it was hopeless.

yum sand, nutritious and delicious!

Jem found a hat also hahahah

We stayed as long as we could but it got really hot and it was time to go home.
Saturday night Grant and I and the roommates wandered over to a neighbors house that was having a party and for as hot as it was during the day it was cold that night! I stayed as long as I could handle but I was freezing, apparently later that night there was a huge fight in the middle of the street that Grant said he enjoyed watching from the balcony. hhahhaha
Sunday was another really sunny nice day so we went to the hardware store first for me to get some art supplies and then to the Warehouse where I got a floaty for the pool. The rest of the day we just hung out and floated around the pool, it was a really nice relaxing day!


beeswax said...

Wow, that is a wide, flat beach. Good to know that Sybilla won't starve, in case you forget her food. Enjoy the summer!
Love, MOM

Lacey said...

Hi Shannon, Im so much whiter than you are! haha. I saw your mom at the Bonneville party and got to hear about her trip and how she wishes she could move there =) Hope you had a nice summer Thanksgiving!

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