Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Long Weekend

For some reason this felt like a really long weekend! Friday I watched Sybilla we didn't really do anything exciting just walked to the library and went to the park. Saturday Grant came over and the three of us went into town to Aeotea Square where they have this market place. We walked around and ended up doing a little shopping. Saturday afternoon after I was done watching Sybilla, Grant and I went home and we all went in the pool and layed out in the last little bit of sun. That night they had a few friends over and we all just relaxed out side talking and hanging out.

Sunday morning Grant and I went out to breakfast in Devonport. I had scrambled eggs with toast it was really good. And of course coffee! After a lazy morning we walked around North Head along the rocks.

A Lazy Sunday Morning

Sunday night me Grant, Matt, Rina, and Gavin all went to Hola Cafe where we ate tons of Mexican food and drank Margaritas. Yum! Gavin had told us that there was a concert in the park in Orewa anyways he pretty much tricked us all because it ended up being this really hokey Christmas carols celebration hahhahaha. Grant was literally freaking out it was soo funny!

It was freezing too. Eventually it started raining so we were forced to go hahhahah Grant was like saved by the rain!

We had just finished dinner and Matt walks in and buys a hot dog I was ready to gag.
And Gavin Buys donuts hahahha Its like we couldn't eat enough.


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