Friday, December 19, 2008

Not Feeling Like Christmas!

Yesterday Anna and I went shopping for some Christmas gifts. That statement is kinda funny because It really feels nothing like Christmas here to me, I guess its because I am not around my family and all our normal traditions. Anyways I just got a few things because I am not planning on really giving anybody any gifts. After the shopping we went to Alina's house for dinner, she made really good Mexican style food, and all of her friends were there. Regina and her boyfriend Brook, and Olga and her boyfriend and me Alina and Anna and another guy Tomash. It turned out everyone brought desert so we had like 3 cheese cakes and a chocolate cake hahhahaha. I am trying my hardest to stay in shape so I didn't eat that much thank god.

After dinner I took Anna home cause I am the best friend a person could ask for hahahha and I had an early night! I am hoping the weather today stays warm because I would like to do something fun with Sybilla, but it doesn't look like its going to.

Sorry I don't have pictures from last night I brought my camera but forgot to use it.


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