Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saturday Morning I dressed Sybilla in the dress that I brought her when I first moved here and I am glad I did because it fits her perfectly. Saturday morning we went to a Christmas show for children that was held at the school just next door to her house. We didn't stay the whole time because Sybilla wanted nothing to do with watching this crazy lady do magic and I don't blame her. The Lady doing the magic not only sucked but she was dressed and acted like a nut case! At least Sybilla got to see other kids and get her face painted and run around so it wasn't a waste. After the magic fiesta we went to Takapuna beach with Alina and walked around, had lunch, and played on the grass.

This video shows how Sybilla dances every morning. She is really good!

Here is the cute dress!

The hat is a little old ladyish but Whatever!

Here is the nutty magic lady! Man was she bad hahhahha

Sybilla loved the Christmas Tree and getting her face painted!

Alina and Sybilla on the grass. We got a giant Balloon that surprisingly lasted all day!

Later in the day Saturday Anna and I went out for a few beers on Ponsonby and came across these lovely drag queens hahahhah

Can anyone say big hair?????

Late Saturday night went out to some bars on Ponsonby and got pretty much attacked by some weirdo from Brazil. I was able to escape but pretty much just walked straight out of the bar and into a cab home with out even telling anyone good bye I think I was about 5 min from a mental break down! Yuk anyways I think that is what happens when I try to do too many things in one day!
Sunday Morning went out to Breakfast with Grant and this cool car was in front of us at the light. Spent all day Sunday relaxing and floating around the pool.


beeswax said...

I LOVE the video of Sybilla dancing. She looks like a little wind-up doll, she falls and teeters and gets right back up and keeps on dancing. How about those drag queens, one of them looks a little familiar, "M"?
Great blog and you both looked so cute in your dresses at the beach.
I love you, MOM

Anonymous said...

Now that's one cute little dancer. She's definitely got the moves. Glad to see that you're not just sitting around the house in front of a TV all day. I'm exhausted just hearing about your adventures. Keep on keepin' on.


Anonymous said...

that video of Sybilla dancing is the cutest thing ive ever seen!!

The Zoomy's... said...

OMG... This was at the bottom of your latest post as 'you may also like', I saw the pic of Sybilla and I just had to read (re-read) the post. Ruby has that dress now and even she has outgrown it!! Hard to remember Sybilla being so small huh??

Take care

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