Thursday, December 18, 2008

We are SOOO Famous (pause) NOT

So most of this week I had off, but in turn I have to work through the weekend. It sometimes reminds me of when I worked at the hotel I had week days off but its like who cares cause the rest of the world has weekends off hahahahha. Any ways this week I did some art (most of it didn't turn out any good), had dinner with some of my friends a few different nights and looked into some graphic design schools. Last night Grant invited me to his Dad's house for dinner and we had a really nice time he made Lamb and veggies, it was really good! Today is Friday and most of my friends have off the whole next week because of Christmas. Tonight Alina invited me and some people over for dinner at her place and then the rest of the weekend I am sure is going to involve some major partying because like I said this is the beginning of every one's vacation. I will keep everyone posted on what happens over the weekend. I am so excited about the vacation I can't wait I feel like when I was 6 years old and stuck in traffic on the way to Disney Land! Super Excited to say the least!

Sooo as my Blog Title says we are sooo Famous! Mel text me yesterday and said I was just reading Hot Rod Magazine and there is a picture of you and your mom! On the last day that my mom was in NZ we went to the Pukekohe Hot Rod and Horsepower Show to see Greg Stokes and the clone No. 25 Dragster. While we were there Greg took a picture of us by the car and the rest is history! We are now in the current issue of the Magazine, which is super cool, I feel like Paris Hilton ahhahah just kidding (my mom does).

Here are the pictures of the Magazine and us in it. Sorry they are a little blurry but that is the best I could do, it is a picture of a picture hahahha. Can't wait for tonight! =)


beeswax said...

Hey Paris -
Wow - we made the big time. It was very nice of Greg to put a blurb in his magazine about our visit. I'm glad we got to stop by that event. I'll tell grandpa and Art about the magazine article, I will be seeing them on Saturday at the Art Chrisman and Full-Bore Christmas Extravaganza!

Anonymous said...

Now you know why my current claims to fame are that I'm Kathy Olson's husband and Shannon Olson's father!

When you get a chance, please e-mail me with the photo caption as I can't make it out and would love to know what it says.


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