Monday, December 1, 2008

Working on art!

So I have today off and I had yesterday off and I feel like I should have a lot more done! Yesterday I went to the gym and finished a painting that I did for Sybilla's room. At night I went to Anna's backpacker place checked it out and we went and got a soda. The place is acctually really nice it reminds me of camp a bunch of bunk beds in a medium size room.

Today I plan to do some more art hopefully go to the gym if I can get some motivation and lord only knows what else. I might go to the movies later tonight.


Anna said...

Really nice, huh? Next time I'll give you the real tour - complete with dust balls the size of tumbleweeds and missing floorboards by the beds. haha. I might fall through to the next room one night!

beeswax said...

Cute painting, does Sybilla like it? I see it's hung high enough that she can't grab it.

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