Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beginning of Vacation and Concert!

On December 27th Grant and I drove to Coromandel and stopped at some beaches along the way.

After walking around a few different beaches we went into the biggest town which wasn't very big and we had lunch and walked around a local farmers market. Of course we couldn't pass up getting some spray on tattoos. They are soo much cooler then real ones and they are pain free.

So tough!

Later that day we went to Hot Water Beach and layed out on the sand and went in the water. We ended up camping in the parking lot with about 5 other people that had the same idea. We stayed in the back of Grant's car and we cooked up a mean meal for dinner and breakfast.

The next day we woke up and packed up our home on wheels hahaha and went to more beaches. We drove by Crystal Cove but it was way too crowded to actually park and walk down to the beach.

Instead we went to a more mellow beach and had a cup of coffee.

As we were driving through the parking lot I spotted our friend Boots and so we all met up and went down to the beach and got in the water and tried to stay out of the sun.
In the afternoon we all met up in the Coroglen Tavern parking lot where we set up camp for the night. Around 7 we all were going to the Shihad concert that was at the Tavern. So in the parking lot we ate dinner and drank to pre party for the concert.

Before the real partying began.
I will introduce the people that we spent the majority of our vacation with, most of them go by their last names because they all have the same first names either Dave or Mike.

This is Eagles and I think the picture sums up his personality!

This is Krockett also Grants roommate and hates having his picture taken!

This is Jed (A really nice guy)

This is Boots (pretty wild)

The group right before the concert.

From these pictures you can tell which way the night was headed (a wild time).

The guy in the black t-shirt is Matt, Grant's other roommate and to the left is Sam his younger brother.

Everyone talked us into using the large blow up mattress instead of the small one which left little room for anything including us to fit in the car. Thanks everyone for knowing everything!

Take note of the shoes I am wearing! Grant said you have to wear shoes cause there will be broken glass so I went out and bought these super cheap slip ons and I paid the ultimate price. Apparently in my crazy wild state during the concert I took off the shoes and lost them cause my feet were bleeding from them being so cheap (I don't even remember this) and Grant made me wear his shoes while he ran around the concert bare foot looking for mine and said he found them on a table I guess I simply took them off and set them down there hahhaha.

The concert was great from what everyone remembers, but that isn't much. That night it rained and everything that was left outside of the car was soaked, which included Sam. Apparently he just layed down outside the car and slept in the rain. When I woke up I heard him say I am soaked and these are my only clothes hahahha. I had a wicked hang over really bad so bad that we all stopped on the way home to go to breakfast and as we were walking in the rain to the cafe I bent down and did a power chuck into the gutter Grant and Krockett said it was awesome, but I didn't care about anything at that point I thought I was going to die! I barely made it through breakfast.
On the 30th we decided to wait till the last minute to try to get tickets to a concert that was happening on the 31st. We drove all the way north to Leigh and we run in and they were sold out hahhah. So we decided to get lunch and eat at the beach.

It was a wonderfully pretty day!

I made a chain of flowers for my hair.

They said do something and that's what I did?


Lacey said...

youre back! that looks like the funnest trip EVER. i wanna travel around and camp out! you and grant are so tan im jealous

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