Sunday, January 25, 2009

Big Day Out Jan 16th

On Jan 16th Grant and I went to the Big Day Out, a music festival that goes from 11am till midnight. There were a ton of people every where.

On our way home before we caught a cab from town we saw these boxes of chips that someone had set out and they were full so grant and I each grabbed as many as we could. Apparently they had just expired and so some one set them on the street for people to have. The cab driver must have thought we were crazy!

When we got home I was still taking pictures hahhahah.


beeswax said...

It looks like half of Auckland was at that concert. They sure like to have fun over there. What's with Grant's hair? Fido Dido! Tell him the mullet is OUT. I hope you didn't eat all those chips (bring some home with you). Good to see you're still having a good time. I miss you. Love MOM

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