Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Last weekend on Jan 24th Me and Alina and Krockett, and Grant all went to the concert Our House. It was out side at a huge park. There were about 3 different areas with different DJ's all day playing music.

We were Trying to stay cool in the shade so we wouldn't get burned.
My feet got really dirty cause one of the stages was in a hanger that had a dirt floor.

There was an incident where Grant lost the plot while waiting in line for food and drinks. We waited in line for about 30 min and we get to the front and the lady tells us sorry we are only taking cash. Grant only reacted because we had been searching for an ATM machine and couldn't find one and this was the second line we stood in and got to the front and they tell us sorry only cash. So he screamed the four letter word really loud and caused a ton of attention and I quickly ran away cause I hate having attention on me!
Turns out they have this huge event and they don't have an ATM machine at all and they don't have any signs posted saying only cash, which they really should!
The guard came up to Krockett and said were you the one who was screaming and he said no the guy was a lot taller then me hahhah and there was Grant standing right next to him it was so funny!

All in All we had a super fun time!!!!

me at my computer.


beeswax said...

Your movies of the open concerts reminds me of Woodstock (not that I was there). Looks like you guys are enjoying the warm weather while it lasts. I can't believe how tan/dirty your legs were, reminds me of a Bonneville tan.
Love you lots. MOM

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