Monday, January 19, 2009

Summer Holiday Part 2

December 31st Grant and I drove up to his family batch in Doubtless bay. When we arrived his dad was there making a few repairs and left after we all had a cup of tea together.
The house is the one at the very top of the hill on the left.
This is the view looking out the front of the house.
These are the sand dunes between his house and the water.

That night we went to a house party that was about 20 min away for new years eve. Of course it rained but that was the last of the rain for quite a while.

Arriving at the house party.

Starting to party

I won the limbo contest for the girls.

2 drunks

3 drunks


more dancing. That night I slept in the car I could only make it till about 2 everyone else stayed up the entire night and when I woke up at 9am Grant was coming to get me and we walked up to the house and everyone was still drunk and still drinking and partying! I couldn't believe it!

January 1st still at the house party. Later that day I drove us back to the house and everyone slept the rest of the day! Eventually we went into the closest place to get food and waited for 45min for a sandwich.

This is us waiting

Later that night crashed out.

The next day we all went to the beach and there was a sting ray in the water, right by my leg.

Drinking one night.

Grant's boat that we fished on.

Matt with his burned shirt hahhaha funny story.

Trying to shoot a bird, and showing off his mullet that he made me cut for him.

One day I stayed home cause there wasn't enough room on the boat for everyone and I was super bored but thankfully I found the paint and crafts that Grant's mom apparently use to do on vacation. yay!

Craft Time!!!!

one of the days we went to the beach

Going out on the boat fishing
When we were done fishing I caught 2 by the way, we jumped off the boat and swam to that sandy beach and played around we were the only ones there.

Then as we were leaving to go back to the boat ramp I spotted what I thought was a shark and screamed shark but then quickly realized it was a dolphin.

Grant immediately jumped in the water to swim with them. Turns out there were 4 and all they wanted to do was swim and play.

Grants short shorts.

Here is one of the dresses my mom got me for Christmas!

The sunset while fishing one night.

What the batch looks like inside.

Above is the bathroom and to the right is the room we slept in.

Garage but when you take the boat out it turns into a room.

Getting ready for fishing.
One day we went to a beach where you had to drive on the sand and then we decided that the good waves were all the way at the end of the beach so we walked about a mile. After surfing everyone thought they would try sand surfing with the boogie board and Grant's wipe out was the best by far we all got a really good laugh.

Towards the end of the trip we went for a walk to a little inlet and Krokett took his remote control surfer to ride the waves.

laying in the grass

Remote control surfer

Shells we collected while Krockett played with the toy.

When everyone else left and it was just Grant and I we went to the closest winery. They just happen to have won an award from the LA County fair which is where I worked before I came here to be a nanny.

A day or so before we left to come home we drove into Mangonui and had the supposed best fish and chips. We really wern't impressed they were pretty greasy and really over priced.

On our drive home we stopped at a beach to check out the surf and I took this pic.

At one beach Grant acctually did surf but I decided to watch instead.

Catching a wave.
Yes I finally did it I finished the blog! This trip went from Dec 31st to Jan 13th!


beeswax said...

Cool blog Shannon. Now I can see what you were describing. The batch (house) sure is brightly painted. It looks like you all had a wonderful vacation. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Love MOM.

Anonymous said...

Another awesome blog, kiddo. I'm sure you can now understand why I'm so in love with the Bay of Islands. Paradise on earth, if you ask me.

Love ya'...


Andrea said...

Wow! The water looks so blue! and the dolphin! You must have had the most wonderful time! You clearly dont need to vacation in hawaii any more...remember our fun vacation to Maui?? I miss you =)

(PS you look totally tan)

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