Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back at work!

On Wednesday I met Anna and her cousin Brian at Swashbucklers for dinner. We had a great time but decided not to go out after dinner because Brian had just arrived that day from the US and was really tired.

I did two paintings of a design that I thought was cool. I gave them to Grant and they look really good in his/our room.

close up

On Saturday I had the second part of the day off So Grant and Krocket and I went to Devonport. There was a food and wine festival going on but it was too much to get in considering it didn't look like much was happening inside the gate. so we went to lunch and ate cafe food yum!

Krocket's 2 dollar glasses fell apart and I never laughed so hard!

After lunch we went to the dollar store and were able to amuse ourselves for at least 30 min.
It is a new week now and work is going to start all over again. Funny how that works.


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