Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just another day.

I thought I would post a blog because I keep looking at everyone else's blogs that I follow and no one has posted anything and I keep thinking for crying out loud when is some one going to post something. So I will post something! Although there really isn't anything exciting happening. I am working and excited that today is Friday because I will have part of the weekend off and that is good enough for me.

I am trying to get back in shape after all the vacationing and over eating! I have been doing my tae BO DVD that my mom brought me and I have been watching what I am eating. Yesterday I met up with my friend Alina and we went jogging and then today Sybilla and I went on a really long walk slash jog to the park. I guess it just takes time to get in shape it is so much easier to be fat hahahhaa. Tonight Alina and I might meet up again and hang out and if we take some pictures I will post some.

I am missing everyone at home and I am not sure why but some days are a lot harder then others. Like yesterday was awful I was really sad and kept feeling like crying and after Alina and I jogged I hung out with Grant and he wouldn't let me watch my show the hills even though I don't have cable where I work and never get to watch TV! He said the show was complete crap so instead we watched South Park talk about complete crap! Anyways Today I am fine hahhaha not sad at all! =)


beeswax said...

Hey Tae Bo Girl,
Keep up the work out and jogging it creates endorphins (sp?) or maybe dolphins, either way it makes you feel good.
Love your MaMa

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