Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My extra Vacation is over =(

SO on my unexpected week off I was able to visit some friends in the South Island Wanaka! I had an excellent time. The weather again was not what I expected but thankfully I had packed some pants cause it ended up being pretty cool most of the time. The trip was great mainly we worked in the vineyard, cutting the extra grapes that wouldn't be used off and taking off the extra leaves that block the sun. I never imagined how much work went into a vineyard and making wine.

This is Andrea after she had been mowing the lawn. She works really hard!

This is Jessie the Cat

Two of Lucinda's friends were biking through the south island and came to stay for a couple nights so they could take a small break.

These are the Flowers that Lucinda got from her boyfriend Joe for Valentines day.

Some of their Friends came over for dinner one night.

At the end of the trip I got a bus to the airport. Below is Lucinda and Andrea.

Me and Lucinda

Grant picked me up from the airport and he has a mustache now hahahhaha

I can never get a good pic!
and he even got me flowers for Valentines day and we went to dinner! It was really cute! The funny thing is when we got back to the house he was like hide the flowers I don't want the roommates to see hahahaha I guess it is uncool to get flowers!


beeswax said...

It looks like you had such a good time in Wanaka. I'm jealous! A little physical labor is good for you.
Grant looks like uncle Carl with that mustache. You should make a point to tell his friends that he brought you flowers for Valentines day.

beeswax said...

Actually with that hat and mustache he looks like the character on that old video game with the gorilla and the little guy. He would be the little guy.

beeswax said...


Lacey said...

AHAHA omg thats soo funny he grew a mustache! bring him home with you =) the vineyard is pretty, it seems fun to see the whole wine making process.

Anonymous said...

OK, it's my turn to get to spend some time at the Hogan estate in Wanaka. I'm so pleased that you've had the chance to experience this great country and its wonderful people, so many of whom I consider my close friends. Now get back to work!


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