Tuesday, February 24, 2009


In my time off I have been painting and drawing. I have also been trying to figure out what to do after I leave NZ, which feels like it is rapidly approaching! I only have a little less then 3 months left here and the time is flying by! I really can't wait to come home and see all my family and friends. I will be home in May till August, and then after August is what I am trying to figure out. My mom and I have a few trips planned for when I come home and also My cousin is getting married so there is a lot to look foward to.

I have two paintings that I am working on and a drawing that I will add pictures of when I finish with them. This is a small painting I did for fun, it looks a lot better in real life.


Anonymous said...

yay its almost time for you to come home! i cant wait =)

beeswax said...

Pretty flowers! I remember when we saw those flowers at the Auckland Botanical Gardens. That was a fun day. I can't wait until you come home.

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