Friday, March 27, 2009

Going away party!

Last Night we all went to Jane's going away party(she is the girl who lives across the street from Grant) Jane just got a job as a flight attendant and is moving to Qatar! This sucks because she is really cool and I just started to get to know her and I feel like we could be friends and now sadly she is leaving! The party was awesome it was in a bar on Ponsonby called Bar de Baz and they rented out the top room and had music and a disco ball really flash!

Jane and Krocket

Earlier in the day I put some highlights in my hair! Trying to get past the yuck stage! I had to cut matt out of the pic though cause he looked pretty bad.

This is what happens when grant gets the camera to him self.

Me and Jane

The whole group. Why does Krocket have to try to ruin every pic?

Me and grant why is my head so big hahhaha

This is an interesting one its Alina and her ex matt to the right and the new guy Tom that she is seeing But kept telling Matt oh no he is not my boy friend right in front of him! Grant kept saying all night poor Tom!
This looks like Alina explaining to Matt how Tom is not her boy friend hahah poooor Tom!

Me in my Stage!

And again Grant when he gets the camera to him self you would think he has never seen a camera before so funny I have like 10 pics like this!

Pooor Tom!

Me and Alina in the back wearing the shirt I was getting rid of and gave her happy she can use it.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hello people who read this!
I have this theory that we go through stages every few months. For me there are tons of these different stages. Does any one know what I am talking about? Like when everything seems great and going good and then you are walking some where and all of a sudden you trip. I always think hahhaha and hope that it is just that one off time but then later you trip again and then you start dropping things and crashing into things and I call this a clumsy stage, it comes out of no where and then leaves when you least expect it.

There are other stages too like a pretty stage for instance I felt like I was going through a pretty stage when I came to NZ I was in really good shape for me and my hair was the perfect color and looked good and I had clear skin and just felt really good in general, but sadly all that has changed.
I feel the stage I am in right now is a really stink one. The Ugly stage! Not that anyone cares but I am sure everyone has felt as if they have been in an ugly stage. Thankfully this ugly stage is not like when I was in 5th grade that was a really truly ugly stage! I feel really stressed out all the time, and my face has completely broken out and won't stop I even got proactive and all I have to say is they are lying when they say it works what a funny joke! I have gained some weight I won't say how much but lets just say I could lose about 10 pounds. I have been working on tons of art but it is getting hard not having friends to visit with and things to do besides shopping. The really bad thing is today as I was walking out of a shop I tripped and that was the second trip of the day and I almost fell so I think this could be an ugly stage mixed with a clumsy stage! Yikes!
I have decided that I am just not going to accept this! I have started to watch what I eat, and try to work out, and pick up my feet when I walk, and today I bought vitamins for my face, and I bought hair dye! I won't accept this ugly stage!
I am going to a friends going away party tonight and hopefully I will have some good pictures to put up from it. Thanks for listening to all the complaining and hopefully this stage will pass by just like all the other ones.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What I have been up to.

For the past week we have been on call. Which means that at any time Rebecca could be called to have to go to work and that means that I would be called to go to work. The thing that stinks for all of us is that we never know when we could be called so none of us can really go anywhere that is further then 10 or so minutes away. I have been hanging out at the house rather then where I work because it is easier to do art work there and it is fun to be around people my own age. Today I went to where I work because while it was fun there for a while even that started to get old hahhaha. Thankfully I already know next months schedule and it seems that we will be gettng a few weekends off which is really good news.

This is the view from out of our bedroom window.

This is the view out our other bedroom window of whats behind the back yard.

Above is a small painting of a flax bush from a pic I took.

Above is a water color that I did but it is copied off of another painting.

2 different shots it was hard to get the lighting right.

Above is a Painting that I did of some of the pictures that I took while on vacation at Grant's Batch.
Above is a painting that I did for fun its mainly just paint thrown on a piece of poster paper.

Above is a painting on canvas that Grant is currently working on. He has never painted before and the whole idea is out of his head not copied.
Above small painting that grant did of a surfer
Water color above that Grant did The white area isn't really white it is just very light. Can you believe it is his first painting ever.
I can't wait to go home and start a whole new adventure. I am already mentally preparing what I will have to get rid of here and what I will take and what I will leave with Grant. I am so excited to be doing something new in the next few months!!!!!! I think I have a limit of one year that I can handle doing any one job, that is as long as any of my jobs have ever lasted except for art.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I did a drawing of my dog LiLi! Just thought I would show everyone! If anyone would like a drawing done of thier pet, baby, friend, mother, brother, sister, you get the picture, let me know!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Hello Everyone
No pictures today mainly because I didn't really do anything today hahhaha.
Yesterday Monday here, I did some shopping and I went to the movies. All I am going to say is please never waste your money seeing Zack and Miri make a porno! What was I thinking by the way it is not a porno I thought it would be funny because it is made by the same people that made knocked up but guess what? it was so bad that I thought of leaving in the middle, but I told myself to stay because A. there is nothing else to do and B. I paid for the movie! What a total and complete waste of money. That night was much better because the new episode of Flight of the Conchords was on and that is a great show.

Today Tuesday was kinda cool outside, which sadly reminded me that summer is pretty much over =( I didn't have much to do during the day as far as going anywhere but I did organize some stuff and came up with 2 more items of clothing to get rid of. I managed to motivate myself just enough to go for a walk no running only walking and parts of the walk were really slow and sad but at least I was walking. Tonight I have something to look forward to though cause Grant's dad is having us over for dinner!

And now finally getting to the reason why I thought I would write a blog at all is my mom has made a PDF file of some of my art that is taking up a ton of space in the garage and we (my manager mom and I) have come to the conclusion that the art should be hanging on walls and not the walls in our house. Any one who has an empty wall that would like to have something hanging on it please send me a message and I will e-mail you the PDF file of art that is up for grabs. P.S. obviously all this art is in CA so if you aren't in CA it will be hard to get it to you unless you are driving through CA =)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Summer Series

Sunday I asked Peter for half the day off because I really wanted to go to this free concert in the park called summer series. At around 1pm Grant and Krocket picked me up and we went to Albert Park in town and met Alina and Tom. The park was filled with people just laying around and enjoying the music. Vodaphone was giving away free hats and towels so of course we got them and as many as we could ahhahaha. We had a great time and at the end of the night we went to the Mexican Cafe and ate Mexican food or at least NZ's version of Mexican food.

Alina and her "Friend" Tomash

Alina looking lovely

This picture had to be edited because there was some one behind me making a retarded face! But this pic gives everyone a good Idea of what my new hair cut looks like.

Here is another edited pic thank god I am fast!
Grant got this free hat hahahha we were laughing about how he just can't take a normal pic.

Our best attempt at normal not that great!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hello Everyone
On wednesday I got a haircut from Mel and it looks really good on the other hand my face does not so that is why I am not putting up a picture. I am not sure what is on my face could just be acne but it looks and feels more like a rash! So if you see me try not to run hahahaha it is really ugly! Anyways I have done a few things to make it better; #1 I have stopped touching it! #2 I have stopped using all products on it #3 I have stopped leaving the house #4 I have stopped looking in the mirror and taking pictures and magically I feel a lot better hahahha until I catch a glimps of my self in the mirror! yikes
To keep from crying I have to tell my self that soon it will go away and at least I can walk, talk, and don't have other major problems.

Anyhow below is a painting that I did for Mel's soon to be born baby!

Hope everyone is doing good, miss everyone at home.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pakiri Beach

All day Saturday it rained so that sucked! After I was done watching Sybilla I went to Holdaway ave and we had arts and crafts time. We painted and drew pictures. I will add those pics when they are done. Sunday turned out to be a great day so we drove to Pakiri Beach and I layed out while Grant surfed. Later that night we made mojitos and had steak for dinner boy was that good!

Don't mind how retared I look, it has been so humid that my hair always looks aweful and I wasn't prepared to go to the beach or I wouldn't have worn a black dress hahahhaha.
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