Friday, March 27, 2009

Going away party!

Last Night we all went to Jane's going away party(she is the girl who lives across the street from Grant) Jane just got a job as a flight attendant and is moving to Qatar! This sucks because she is really cool and I just started to get to know her and I feel like we could be friends and now sadly she is leaving! The party was awesome it was in a bar on Ponsonby called Bar de Baz and they rented out the top room and had music and a disco ball really flash!

Jane and Krocket

Earlier in the day I put some highlights in my hair! Trying to get past the yuck stage! I had to cut matt out of the pic though cause he looked pretty bad.

This is what happens when grant gets the camera to him self.

Me and Jane

The whole group. Why does Krocket have to try to ruin every pic?

Me and grant why is my head so big hahhaha

This is an interesting one its Alina and her ex matt to the right and the new guy Tom that she is seeing But kept telling Matt oh no he is not my boy friend right in front of him! Grant kept saying all night poor Tom!
This looks like Alina explaining to Matt how Tom is not her boy friend hahah poooor Tom!

Me in my Stage!

And again Grant when he gets the camera to him self you would think he has never seen a camera before so funny I have like 10 pics like this!

Pooor Tom!

Me and Alina in the back wearing the shirt I was getting rid of and gave her happy she can use it.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you finally got a night out with your mates. When I was in the Coast Guard, I was "on call" a lot of the time. As I recall, it really sucks!


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