Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hello Everyone
On wednesday I got a haircut from Mel and it looks really good on the other hand my face does not so that is why I am not putting up a picture. I am not sure what is on my face could just be acne but it looks and feels more like a rash! So if you see me try not to run hahahaha it is really ugly! Anyways I have done a few things to make it better; #1 I have stopped touching it! #2 I have stopped using all products on it #3 I have stopped leaving the house #4 I have stopped looking in the mirror and taking pictures and magically I feel a lot better hahahha until I catch a glimps of my self in the mirror! yikes
To keep from crying I have to tell my self that soon it will go away and at least I can walk, talk, and don't have other major problems.

Anyhow below is a painting that I did for Mel's soon to be born baby!

Hope everyone is doing good, miss everyone at home.


beeswax said...

My pretty little girl, this to shall pass. This is just a little challenge and yes it could be much worse; keep it in perspective. I know how you feel though, best to stay away from the mirrors. Sometimes I'm out shopping, and I forget how old and frumpy I am, feeling young and vibrant. Then I look up and see a distant mirror and quickly turn around to see if some old and fat lady is standing behind me. Shocking! - it's me. Mirrors should be outlawed!!!

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