Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What I have been up to.

For the past week we have been on call. Which means that at any time Rebecca could be called to have to go to work and that means that I would be called to go to work. The thing that stinks for all of us is that we never know when we could be called so none of us can really go anywhere that is further then 10 or so minutes away. I have been hanging out at the house rather then where I work because it is easier to do art work there and it is fun to be around people my own age. Today I went to where I work because while it was fun there for a while even that started to get old hahhaha. Thankfully I already know next months schedule and it seems that we will be gettng a few weekends off which is really good news.

This is the view from out of our bedroom window.

This is the view out our other bedroom window of whats behind the back yard.

Above is a small painting of a flax bush from a pic I took.

Above is a water color that I did but it is copied off of another painting.

2 different shots it was hard to get the lighting right.

Above is a Painting that I did of some of the pictures that I took while on vacation at Grant's Batch.
Above is a painting that I did for fun its mainly just paint thrown on a piece of poster paper.

Above is a painting on canvas that Grant is currently working on. He has never painted before and the whole idea is out of his head not copied.
Above small painting that grant did of a surfer
Water color above that Grant did The white area isn't really white it is just very light. Can you believe it is his first painting ever.
I can't wait to go home and start a whole new adventure. I am already mentally preparing what I will have to get rid of here and what I will take and what I will leave with Grant. I am so excited to be doing something new in the next few months!!!!!! I think I have a limit of one year that I can handle doing any one job, that is as long as any of my jobs have ever lasted except for art.


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