Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hello people who read this!
I have this theory that we go through stages every few months. For me there are tons of these different stages. Does any one know what I am talking about? Like when everything seems great and going good and then you are walking some where and all of a sudden you trip. I always think hahhaha and hope that it is just that one off time but then later you trip again and then you start dropping things and crashing into things and I call this a clumsy stage, it comes out of no where and then leaves when you least expect it.

There are other stages too like a pretty stage for instance I felt like I was going through a pretty stage when I came to NZ I was in really good shape for me and my hair was the perfect color and looked good and I had clear skin and just felt really good in general, but sadly all that has changed.
I feel the stage I am in right now is a really stink one. The Ugly stage! Not that anyone cares but I am sure everyone has felt as if they have been in an ugly stage. Thankfully this ugly stage is not like when I was in 5th grade that was a really truly ugly stage! I feel really stressed out all the time, and my face has completely broken out and won't stop I even got proactive and all I have to say is they are lying when they say it works what a funny joke! I have gained some weight I won't say how much but lets just say I could lose about 10 pounds. I have been working on tons of art but it is getting hard not having friends to visit with and things to do besides shopping. The really bad thing is today as I was walking out of a shop I tripped and that was the second trip of the day and I almost fell so I think this could be an ugly stage mixed with a clumsy stage! Yikes!
I have decided that I am just not going to accept this! I have started to watch what I eat, and try to work out, and pick up my feet when I walk, and today I bought vitamins for my face, and I bought hair dye! I won't accept this ugly stage!
I am going to a friends going away party tonight and hopefully I will have some good pictures to put up from it. Thanks for listening to all the complaining and hopefully this stage will pass by just like all the other ones.


beeswax said...

My poor baby. I wish I could make it all better for you, but I can't. This is just a challenge to make you appreciate the good things in life. If we were always beautifully gliding through life we would be Paris Hilton, and what a mess that would be.
Good for you deciding to take control, but don't expect overnight changes and don't give up. Also, acceptance is a virtue, I've learned to accept it all, and like I always say, "Stay away from Mirrors!"
Love from your wise old mother.

Anonymous said...

I've been through a few stages. The one I'm going through right now is called the "geezer" stage. Something for you to look forward to!

Love ya' no matter what you look like or how clumsy you are......


Karen Raffa said...

Hey Foreigner,
Hey, I think I go through an 'ugly stage' at least once a day...where I get a glimpse of myself and think...YUCK...that is what I look like!
So, listen to your Mother, "stay away from Mirrors"
Glad you are coming home..for awhile...we will most likely see you all in Bonneville, we have never been and this is the year to get it off the Bucket List!
Loe to you
PS...You really do LOOK GREAT!

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