Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yay today is finally Friday!
I only have 18 days left if you don't count today and I am not so only 18 days to go!
I didn't get any good art done today unless you count the water color that i finished but looks like a piece of crap! For every one good water color there are about 10 really bad ones!
So most of the day I am not really sure what I did cause I never left the house and I woke up at 6 am and didn't take any naps but I did go through a ton of crap that I have accumulated though out the year and got rid of most of it and when I say got rid of it I mean that it is going to stay with Grant till I return. ( that is a huge run on sentence but I am not fixing it) A lot of stuff did go in the trash and some is going to the good will.

I will have a lot of stuff to post on Monday because tonight Grant and I are driving up north to his batch for the weekend. Should be fun.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Water Color!

This week I have been working and painting in my free time.
This is a painting of Buzzy Bee, one of Sybilla's toys. I have been told by a reliable source that every child in NZ grows up having owned a buzzy bee.
If anyone is interested in this water color let me know!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Only 23 More Days!

Thursday night Alina and I met up for a drink. One drink! Well one drink as always turned into a bunch of drinks and all I can say is at least we are both still alive!

All day Friday was spent recovering from Thursday! At least by Friday night I was OK enough to go to a friends party and because I didn't want to drink I was the DD.

Saturday Grant and I went to his Boss's Bach. Grant actually built this house with a few other guys back when he was 21. It is a really nice house, and we had a great time even though it rained the whole time!

On our way home we went by Omaha beach and went for a quick walk and looked in a local gallery.
This is a painting that I had been working on in my spare time and finally finished.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just another day in the longest week ever!

Just another day in the longest week ever! So when I finished watching Sybilla today I decided that I want to update my website with all my new art that I have done recently! So I started going through all my pictures looking for art. I had a good laugh looking back all the pictures I had taken that were really bad of me and my friends that sorry I can't show any of you, but man are they funny. Anyways I am organizing all the photos and as soon as I do that and when my mom has some extra time we will up date my web site!

In an attempt to motivate myself to finish this drawing of Grant drinking a beer I am going to do something that I have never done before and that is I am going to show everyone a work in progress. I normally try to hide my art until it is done cause I hate people asking all sorts of stupid questions about it but instead I am going to put it out there and hey if you want to ask a stupid question then go right ahead. I like the person who said there is no such thing as a stupid question because I would like to disagree and say there is such a thing as a stupid question but who cares ask it anyways we will all get a good laugh if it is really stupid!

SO here is the art in progress and my excuse for not working on it today is I am meeting a friend for a drink or snack and odds are by the time I get back from that I will have another excuse and won't work on it! But tomorrow hopefully I will although I might be meeting up with Anna?


I thought it was the busier you are the quicker it is suppose to go, but I am some how proving that theory wrong. I have been working and during the day with Sybilla we have been doing tons of stuff but seriously this week is just dragging!

I think its cause I am really excited to go home! Probably these next thirty or so days will be some of the longest!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A good Weekend!

Friday I had the day off so I spent most of the day at Holdaway painting. We were talking about possibly going up north to his friends batch but that didn't work out because there were other people staying there. So because of that combined with missing my family and always being by myself I got really upset and was like well can we do something else and He didn't want to do anything that night so I just went in the room by myself and threw a 25 year old fit! Imagine what that looks like! hahahhaha When I came back out I realized that it was my own problem and explained how i was feeling and Grant said we will have a non stop day of fun on Saturday to make up for not going up north.

So we did! The day started with sleeping in which was good, then out to breakfast at a place that had really good food, then on to Muriwai Beach. We took a ton of pictures so we can do paintings from them. I am only posting a few from each place.

This is one of the best pictures of us! We both have our eyes open and no red eye its amazing!

This is a picture of the city from where we were driving on the West Coast.

We went to another beach near Piha and went on an hour hike.

I didn't really need a back pack!

A huge cliff

Grant took a pic of himself hahahahha This reminded me of the pictures my mom would take of herself in Bonneville! Great minds think a like?
After the hike we went to Piha Beach and watched the sun set

When we got home Grants roommates were all going out to get Drinks at Sale St a new bar and convinced us to go too. This is one of his new shirts.

Us out at Sale St.
Don't look at my hair I didn't have time to do anything with it!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Nice Fall Day

I really like the Fall here so far. It rarely rains and during the day it is sunny and warm but not too hot. Today after watching Sybilla for a short amount of time I finished reading my book and went for a walk. For lunch I made a healthy experiment that turned out really good.
It is a small potato cooked and cut in sections to create a sorta bun. The meat is a vegetarian burger cut in half with pickles and tomato! It was really good almost like a hamburger.

Later in the day I went for another walk and took these nice pictures to show everyone what a pleasant day it was. At this time it was getting sorta cool I kinda wished I had worn pants rather then shorts.

Now this was funny!

So like I said in my last blog last night was Grant's birthday. We didn't go out to dinner because all his friends kept dropping in to say hi and wish him a happy birthday. It was a Wednesday and of course you have to party and drink on your birthday right? Well that is exactly what Grant did hahahha! The only problem is when no one else feels like drinking or partying.

We got a good show though!

Box Man even made an appearance

It was Awesome!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today is Grant's birthday so of course today I went shopping for a gift for him. I always wait till the last possible minute to get presents unless they are home made and stink hahhaha.

I was shopping forever or at least it felt like forever it was about 2 hours. I decided to get him some shirts because the only shirts he really has are all ripped and stained. Now this was hard because how are you suppose to know what some one else wants to wear. I thought I knew exactly something that he would like one time when we were shopping together and I said you would wear this right and he looked at it and said well not really but I would wear that and he pointed to the same exact shirt. I said its the same one and he says no look at it the one you pointed at has purple this one doesn't. I broke out laughing.

So I was trying to get all shirts that were good quality, a good deal and something plain that he would wear for sure.

The other thing he told me is that he won't wear long sleeves which made it so much harder because it is the beginning of winter and that is all they are selling. Also for some really weird reason horizontal stripe shirts are back in style for guys and although they are ok I think they are kinda dated and real young looking.

SOOOOO after 2 hours I found four plain t-shirts, one black collar polo shirt and one button up blue check. The only shirt I am not sure about is the blue check? Hopefully he will like it.
I got a good deal too! Grant doesn't read this so I can say, all of it for 67$ wow am I a good bargain shopper!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Weekend!!!

Hello everyone! Happy Easter Weekend. Thursday I made an Easter card for Sybilla and started to get in the Easter spirit. Friday early in the morning Grant and I drove to Taupo for the weekend.

The Packed car we weren't sure if we were camping or getting a hotel so we brought everything.


We stopped to look at Huka Falls

trying to get us both in a pic is impossible

Taupo is behind me

We went for a walk and there was this natural hot spring that people were sitting in. We didn't go in.

The motel we stayed in was really nice it even had a little kitchen.

me in the room

Looking at the lake in Taupo


Using the camera timer

Over exposed

We went to craters of the moon and looked at the heat coming out of the earth. Grant kept getting off the path and your not suppose to!

On our way home I made us stop at the corrugated town (Grant didn't want to but I said come on I may never come through here again)

Tired drive home

My Chocolate bunny and I must say there isn't much of him left!

I will start eating healthy again tomorrow! hahahaha
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