Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I have been painting for the last few days at the Holdaway house. Of course I don't have a picture for my painting because I am still working on it and because I forgot to take one.

This is a picture of Grant's finished painting! Isn't it good and the really impressive thing is the fact that he made the wood frame that is around the painting!

Tomorrow good Friday we are leaving to go to Taupo on a small adventure should be back on Sunday!

Oh yeah I also added a new link on my site to the left, it is called Oh She Glows. I love looking at this blog it is all about this really healthy girl who is starting her own healthy bakery Business.


beeswax said...

Isn't Grant so very talented. Maybe he can build you a house someday, he did such an excellent job on the frame. I'm very impressed with his artistic talent. He has such a creative mind to paint that from his head. You should try that, no pictures.
Have a Happy Easter on your little vacation. Don't eat too many of those humongus NZ Chocolate Easter Eggs!!
Love, your Mama.

Lacey said...

His painting is nice, what a crafty couple you are. So I'm checkin out that girls blog and I feel soooo out of shape now. She eats SO healthy, I'm jealous! Oh well, that cinnamon roll I had was freakin good ahah

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