Sunday, April 5, 2009

The day in town! Well not really.

This morning I finished watching Sybilla at noon and as soon as I was done I walked up to the bus stop and caught the link bus into town. The big reason for going into town was, I finally finished getting everything I needed to turn in the immigration forms. The envelope was so huge that it barely fit into the drop box! But now I can breath a sigh of relief because although I have no idea whether it will go through at least I know I did everything in my power to make it happen!

After I dropped it off I thought well I am already in town I might as well kill some time, so I went to the boarders and did one of my favorite things! Look through all the magazines and not buy any hahhahaha! I then got a coffee and read the book I brought with me and relaxed then walked back to the bus and caught it home.

Last night I made spaghetti sauce the really good kind that my mom always makes and I shared it with Grant so we were able to have a yummy spaghetti dinner. He said he loves having a girl friend cause there are so many benefits like someone making you dinner. I just laughed and said well I don't think many girls do that so consider your self lucky. Its more fun eating with some one rather then making a huge meal and eating alone.

Because I made so much sauce that is what I had for an early lunch and now an early dinner! I made it healthy by eating it with carrots and zucchini rather then pasta. There is enough sauce for the rest of the week hahahhaha.


Anonymous said...

I'm really pleased to hear that you got all of you paperwork completed, together and delivered. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything will be processed in time for you to get your passport back for your trip home. Your mother says you've been good about keeping the authorities aware of your situation, and I'm sure that will serve you well. Stay on 'em, because "the squeeky wheel always gets the oil".

It's great to have your mother back home from her great adventure in Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

Counting the days until you're back in California....

Love ya',


Lacey said...

I love reading the mags and not buying them either ahah. Spaghetti sounds good now maybe I'll make some for dinner =)

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