Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Weekend!!!

Hello everyone! Happy Easter Weekend. Thursday I made an Easter card for Sybilla and started to get in the Easter spirit. Friday early in the morning Grant and I drove to Taupo for the weekend.

The Packed car we weren't sure if we were camping or getting a hotel so we brought everything.


We stopped to look at Huka Falls

trying to get us both in a pic is impossible

Taupo is behind me

We went for a walk and there was this natural hot spring that people were sitting in. We didn't go in.

The motel we stayed in was really nice it even had a little kitchen.

me in the room

Looking at the lake in Taupo


Using the camera timer

Over exposed

We went to craters of the moon and looked at the heat coming out of the earth. Grant kept getting off the path and your not suppose to!

On our way home I made us stop at the corrugated town (Grant didn't want to but I said come on I may never come through here again)

Tired drive home

My Chocolate bunny and I must say there isn't much of him left!

I will start eating healthy again tomorrow! hahahaha


beeswax said...

You had a nice little vacation down in Taupo, love the river/waterfall. You and Grant make a cute couple.

Anonymous said...

Hey, corrugated town, or Tirau as they named it is a great place, lots of awsome little shops to look at, we have driven thru so many times over the last few years and i only recently got to stop there - we have to do these things!!
Looks like you had fun in Taupo :)
Hope you took yourselves to the hot pools at DeBretts!

Take care

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