Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just another day in the longest week ever!

Just another day in the longest week ever! So when I finished watching Sybilla today I decided that I want to update my website with all my new art that I have done recently! So I started going through all my pictures looking for art. I had a good laugh looking back all the pictures I had taken that were really bad of me and my friends that sorry I can't show any of you, but man are they funny. Anyways I am organizing all the photos and as soon as I do that and when my mom has some extra time we will up date my web site!

In an attempt to motivate myself to finish this drawing of Grant drinking a beer I am going to do something that I have never done before and that is I am going to show everyone a work in progress. I normally try to hide my art until it is done cause I hate people asking all sorts of stupid questions about it but instead I am going to put it out there and hey if you want to ask a stupid question then go right ahead. I like the person who said there is no such thing as a stupid question because I would like to disagree and say there is such a thing as a stupid question but who cares ask it anyways we will all get a good laugh if it is really stupid!

SO here is the art in progress and my excuse for not working on it today is I am meeting a friend for a drink or snack and odds are by the time I get back from that I will have another excuse and won't work on it! But tomorrow hopefully I will although I might be meeting up with Anna?


Anonymous said...

OK. Here's my question: why does he have sideburns but no hair?

There, is that stupid enough?

Love ya'...


beeswax said...

What's in that glass? Dentures?

beeswax said...

I LOVE the fact that you are showing a work in progress. It's so interesting to see it take shape. You are a fantastic artist, don't be shy. There are no dumb questions. Have patience with the curious.
Love, mom

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