Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Nice Fall Day

I really like the Fall here so far. It rarely rains and during the day it is sunny and warm but not too hot. Today after watching Sybilla for a short amount of time I finished reading my book and went for a walk. For lunch I made a healthy experiment that turned out really good.
It is a small potato cooked and cut in sections to create a sorta bun. The meat is a vegetarian burger cut in half with pickles and tomato! It was really good almost like a hamburger.

Later in the day I went for another walk and took these nice pictures to show everyone what a pleasant day it was. At this time it was getting sorta cool I kinda wished I had worn pants rather then shorts.


beeswax said...

Shannon's Healthy Diner... you should open a restaurant.
What beautiful pictures of the sky and water. Good to hear you're out walking around.
Love you, MOM

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