Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh my god its April!

I can't believe that it is already April!! I only have 48 days left in NZ! I am trying to apply for a temporary visa with Grant sponsoring me so when I come back in August I will be able to stay. Of course we have had nothing but problem after problem. We could not locate his birth certificate so we applied for another one but of course the website that you print the form off of was out of date so we sent in the wrong form and it took them 2 weeks to send us the right form which makes no sense!
That set us back 2 more weeks and I am also waiting on a criminal check from the US for me which seems to also be taking forever. If it all works out we will be able to turn everything in by next week! The amount of stress I am feeling is tremendous, it takes 30 to 60 days to process the visa and they have to keep your pass port and I only have 48 days left and I will need the pass port to leave the country. If I don't get the information in I can't wait to turn it in later because the medical check I did and the criminal check will expire and I will literally be at square one all over again and at that point I think I will give up.

I really hope it all works out and I don't have a heart attack from the stress of it all!

Anyways on a lighter note I have still been doing some art.
This is a painting that I did for one of Mel's friends that just had a baby girl!
And I know I don't put many pics up of Sybilla anymore but this one was just too classic to not put up! We went to a play group and there was a dress up section and I stuck this wig on her just to take a quick pic but she ran off and didn't realise it was on her head. It was so cute! All the moms were looking at her and saying we like your hair but she had no clue. She loves to be the center of attention! She is the star of the show at jumping beans too!


Anonymous said...

I love your painting, and I love Sybilla's hair too. I think that's a style she could make her own!

Good luck on getting all your paperwork in order soon. Your mom and I are counting down the days until you arrive back on our shores.

Love ya'...


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