Sunday, April 26, 2009

Only 23 More Days!

Thursday night Alina and I met up for a drink. One drink! Well one drink as always turned into a bunch of drinks and all I can say is at least we are both still alive!

All day Friday was spent recovering from Thursday! At least by Friday night I was OK enough to go to a friends party and because I didn't want to drink I was the DD.

Saturday Grant and I went to his Boss's Bach. Grant actually built this house with a few other guys back when he was 21. It is a really nice house, and we had a great time even though it rained the whole time!

On our way home we went by Omaha beach and went for a quick walk and looked in a local gallery.
This is a painting that I had been working on in my spare time and finally finished.


beeswax said...

I love the painting, very colorful. You and Alina look so cute in that picture. Hi Alina. I'm happy that you and Grant were able to go up to the beach, nice house.
23 More Days. Yay. Love MOM

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to learn that you survived another "one drink" night out, and had a good time with Grant at that spectacular "batch". Your painting is really good, and I love the colors and contrast. Your mother and I are looking forward to your return to So Cal more than you'll ever know.

Love ya'...


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