Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today is Grant's birthday so of course today I went shopping for a gift for him. I always wait till the last possible minute to get presents unless they are home made and stink hahhaha.

I was shopping forever or at least it felt like forever it was about 2 hours. I decided to get him some shirts because the only shirts he really has are all ripped and stained. Now this was hard because how are you suppose to know what some one else wants to wear. I thought I knew exactly something that he would like one time when we were shopping together and I said you would wear this right and he looked at it and said well not really but I would wear that and he pointed to the same exact shirt. I said its the same one and he says no look at it the one you pointed at has purple this one doesn't. I broke out laughing.

So I was trying to get all shirts that were good quality, a good deal and something plain that he would wear for sure.

The other thing he told me is that he won't wear long sleeves which made it so much harder because it is the beginning of winter and that is all they are selling. Also for some really weird reason horizontal stripe shirts are back in style for guys and although they are ok I think they are kinda dated and real young looking.

SOOOOO after 2 hours I found four plain t-shirts, one black collar polo shirt and one button up blue check. The only shirt I am not sure about is the blue check? Hopefully he will like it.
I got a good deal too! Grant doesn't read this so I can say, all of it for 67$ wow am I a good bargain shopper!


Lacey said...

All that for 67 bucks! You did good. I am the absolute worst gift giver there ever was. Bub just had his bday, I shopped for hours and he didn't end up getting a present this year ahha. Last time I tried the shirt route, well lets just say it's on the floor of our closet with the tags on it.

Also! I was laughing SOOOO hard reading your comment about sleep walking to the closet. That is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

If he's smart, he'll love and wear all of 'em!

Love ya'...


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