Sunday, May 31, 2009

Amanda's Wedding!

Saturday May 30th 2009 Amanda and Keith got married!
We showed up to the wedding about an hour early which was good because we had to call a few family members to give them the missing directions. The wedding started at 4pm and we didn't stop partying till 10:30 pm

Here we are arriving and meeting Grandpa.

Great Grandpa Roy, Grandpa Roy jr. and Ryder

Sophia and Ryder the flower girl and the ring bearer

My mom and Aunt Lisa the mother of the bride

My sneak peak at the bride(she said only I could see her) She looks so pretty!

My cousin Grant and I

This was so cool it made me cry! The day before Keith had made this huge stink about how he did not want to see Amanda before the wedding and how he did not want to take picture before or anything cause he only wanted to see her as she walked down the aisle. SOOO all the Brides maids and all the Grooms men surrounded her as they made there way down to where the ceremony was! She was hidden in that group of people! Keith was crying! It was so cool!

After they were married they had a sand ceremony to include Ryder, which was really nice! I know when my parents got married I gave my mom away so I was included too! Very similar!

Me and Amanda!

Me and Amanda doing the money dance!

Grant and Amanda doing the money dance

All the cousins except Erik (Amanda's brother) he couldn't make it.

This is a family tradition since we were little to flip off the camera! I guess we are not a normal family!

Steve and Dana with Sophia thier daughter and Ryder

The dancing

random arm wrestling

Friday, May 29, 2009

More Eye Stuff and the day before the wedding

So this morning my mom and I woke up at 5am so we could miss all the traffic on the drive down to Newport for my eye appointment. The whole day it was cool and overcast but that is expected for most of May and June. June Gloom! Boo Anyways we went to the Laser eye doctor and the appointment went great! The doctor said I am a good candidate and told me everything I have to do, which isn't much, and next Friday I will get the surgery and apparently as soon as I am done I will be able to see. Like a miracle! The doctor who is doing my surgery is the same exact guy who did Tiger Woods! Wow wee! I take that as a sign that I am in good hands.
After the appointment cause we were close we called my Cousin Amanda to see if she needed help. She is getting married tomorrow and boy did she need help. She hadn't picked up the dress yet she didn't get her nails done yet and she had Ryder and Keith didn't have his tux yet and they had the rehearsal dinner at 3pm that day! So my mom and I split up and helped, we got her dress and I went with Keith to have him try on his tux and Ryder his tux pants while my mom took Amanda (who didn't even have her car) to get her nails done. I don't know how she would have done it all by herself! We even wrapped her presents to her family and friends for her. All I have to say is a wedding looks like a giant nightmare!

After I helped Ryder try on his pants Keith thought it would be funny to have him put a sock on his head like a do rag and guess what it was funny!

he would not hold still!
Here is the dress under wraps

Me and Amanda both of us are plane jane. No make up and hair not done yikes!

My hair looks really dark with all that white around me, the funny thing is Amanda's natural color is about the same as mine hahaha
We left right after this and she was going to the dinner and we went home.
The wedding tomorrow should be lots and lots of fun!
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