Tuesday, May 5, 2009

13 Days Left!

Today is my last full day of watching Sybilla! It also happens to be raining. I don't mind the rain because it isn't a constant rain and it is kind of nice for a change, plus I have seen 2 rainbows.

Lately Sybilla has been fake crying when she doesn't get what she wants but I have found if I just pretend as if I don't see or hear the crying and start showing her something else she stops. So far its been working! Our schedule today will hopefully include a walk if it stops raining long enough.

This weekend I am planning on visiting Anna and then next week will mainly be just sorting out all of my stuff and hopefully getting my pass port back so I can go home.

The immigration is making their decision this week so everyone hope and pray that I get my visa! If I don't I am not going to get upset but I will have to start on a whole new plan, which may include us having to move to a whole different Country. PLAN B!


Anonymous said...

I tried the "fake crying" deal with your mother a couple times. As you might suspect, it didn't work.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you receive your visa approval, and that you'll get your passport back from the authorities in time to make your flight on the 19th.
Remember, "the squeeky wheel always gets the grease".

We can hardly wait to get you home for a while.

Love ya'...


beeswax said...

Ya - I just ignore him too - it seems to work.
Love, MOM

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