Thursday, May 14, 2009

5 days left and some Great News

Wednesday I spent most of the day organizing the room that Grant and I are sharing! I am leaving soooo much stuff at his house it is crazy! That night Grant's dad Dave took us and his brother Adam to dinner. We went to Takapuna to a really good Thai restaurant. It was so funny watching Grant and Adam fight over the food! It was like they were 10 year olds.
Also as you can tell in the picture Grant finally got a hair cut looks good!

The BIG NEWS is I was approved to be able to stay another year in NZ! wooo hoooo after all that hard work it finally paid off!
When I was going through some of my stuff I had the cutest little visitor Sybilla! Isn't she just so cute! The new Nanny Heidi got some hair things for her and they put them in and came to show me! I will miss Sybilla tons she is really attached to me too I feel so bad if she even sees me she starts screaming cause she wants me to hold her.

she just looks so cute!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on being able to stay in NZ!! Thats wonderful news!!
See you Sunday :)

Cheers Mel

beeswax said...

Our loss and New Zealand's gain...
Congratulations on the Visa. I'd better go clean your room and get it ready for your arrival. Everyone on this site of the ocean is so excited about you coming home.
Sybilla is such a little doll and dig those pigtails! Hug her up every chance you get while you're still there. Don't avoid her, it won't make her feel any better.
Love you, MOM

Lacey said...

aww that breaks my heart just hearing about Sybilla being upset. im glad you got your visa...right on time!

Shannon Olson said...

Thank you everyone for all the great comments! I can't wait to get home and see all of you! And Mel Can't wait to see you on Sunday I bet that baby is getting huge!

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