Tuesday, May 12, 2009

6 Days left to go!

I am getting really excited thinking about going home to see all my family and friends! I am also getting a little sad when I think about how much I will miss Grant and my friends here.

The last few days I have had off but of course everyone else I know is working, so I really haven't had much to do. Monday I dropped off more evidence to immigration and I hope that I hear from them soon. After I dropped off the evidence I went shopping and got a few things that I want to bring home. Tuesday I watched Sybilla for part of the day and went shopping for a few more things that I couldn't find on the first trip, at night Grant came over and I made an experimental dinner that turned out awful, but we were able to save it by pouring a ton of spaghetti sauce on it and then it wasn't half bad.

Today Wednesday, Grant was suppose to have off and we were going to hang out the whole day but his boss really needs him and I told him as long as you have work you should take it! So we are going to hang out starting at 4pm. We are going tonight to a comedy show and to dinner with his dad.

I feel sorta bad for Sybilla because I can tell she is having a hard time adjusting to the new schedule and new people and everything but I have a feeling in a few weeks she will be use to it and it will be smooth sailing from there. Probably having her see me here and not watching her is hard too but I have no where else to go so I guess that is how it is till the weekend.


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