Wednesday, May 27, 2009


All I can say is see my mom's blog, hahahha just kidding I thought that was funny because that is what she said on her blog(see Shannon's blog).

Anyways all joking aside yesterday I went to the dentist and eye doctor and guess what? Great news, no cavities and my eye sight is the same. Woo hoo! I asked my eye doctor the same thing I always ask him and that was if he thinks my eye sight is stable enough to get the laser eye surgery and he said yes. He gave me some info on the doctor he recommends and I had a long think about the whole thing.

This morning I went to the gym and decided to get the surgery. It is pretty expensive but I have the money and better now then later. I have an appointment on Friday to see if I am a candidate. The only bad thing that isn't that big of a deal is that my cousin's wedding is on Saturday and I can't wear my contacts so I will be the dork in glasses!

I also broke down and got a hair cut (sorry Mel) I am still growing it out but I needed some layers and it was really bad because after my mom helped me dye it she said oh I can cut off some of these dead ends. She didn't cut much but what she did cut seemed to hang all wrong.Here are the new layers.
This pic is pretty bad also cause the photographer wasn't telling me when she was taking it.
I will have better photos on Sunday from the wedding.


Anonymous said...

Hey, don't be sorry - you needed ahaircut too! It has been ages since your last one. Looks great and I bet it makes you feel better.


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