Friday, May 22, 2009

Hair and dye

So today we didn't really do anything exciting. I was able to talk to Grant so that was good, but I think it might have been a little early for him.

We went to the gym and shopping at my favorite store TARGET! I got everything I will need for the three months I am here stuff like tooth paste hahaha.
One of the things I got was hair dye because my mom and I decided that we could do it ourselves yay! My theory is that I have about an inch to 2 inches of my natural color growing out and all the bottom of my hair is my natural color soooo what I am doing is trying to grow out my natural color! I bought a color that match's really close and I did the opposite of what most people do, I did not color the roots but the part of the hair that was previously colored. weird I know but it worked and looks really good although the color over all is much darker. I know it will fade cause it always does but hopefully it will fade into a natural look.
I am just sick and tired of constantly having to dye my hair it is so super annoying.
here are 2 pics of my roots before I dyed my hair to show how bad it looked!
I have dyed my hair already and it looks good but I don't have make up on and am ready for bed so tomorrow we are going to Sean's graduation party and I will post pics of my new hair from that day.


beeswax said...

That's being overly honest. There was a TV commercial when I was young; it said "Only your hairdresser knows for sure".
Your new color looks very pretty Shannon.

Anonymous said...

Oooh Shannon I didn't realise it was that bad. Can't wait to see the results.


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