Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Last day and journey home!

On my last day we just ran some errands in the morning. On the way to the airport we stopped by one tree hill for one last glance at the city. It was freezing! Then we went to the airport and Grant and I said good bye. Of course I cried but he said that he had mentally prepared himself for the crying hahhaha. I miss him sooo much! Thankfully I think he is going to be able to visit in July so its not to much time till then.

I made it home no problems and my family and I all had dinner and it is really nice and warm here in CA!


Anonymous said...

So good to hear you nade it home ok! Thank your mum for her nice comments :) Are you on your american mobile yet? I sent you a text today.
Keep up the good blogging!!

Take care Mel

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