Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day!

Today is Memorial day! Yay so everyone has off work even though that does not apply to me cause I don't have a job ha ha ha. This morning my mom and I went to the gym and right after that we went to the grocery store and got all the fixings to have a BBQ. We even splurged and bought filet mignon Yum it is going to be so super good.
When back from the store I got right back into the cleaning out process. It wasn't easy because we had to move my dad's race car out of the way and then I had to decide what could be used in the kitchen here and what was just crap from the dorm. The crap was easy to spot. My mom and dad then got involved and we all got rid of even more junk.
When I say junk I mean a basket full of fake pears, knee and elbow pads from my roller blading days even though the roller blades went a long time ago, books, fishing vest, 3 old cameras, tons of clothes, full set of dishes from ikea, pots and pans, and a ton of junk. I will take a picture of it all when we are done gathering all the stuff. My dad's comment when he saw the huge pile was where was all this stuff? By the size of the pile you would think we would have 2 empty rooms in our house.

This is our house with my welcome home banner up!

This morning it was really overcast and cool out, but thankfully it finally cleared and warmed up a little.

This is a picture of the gym.
Later I will add more photos of our yummy BBQ.
And tomorrow I go to la dentista and the eye doctor(not sure how to say in spanish). I really hope I don't have any problems.


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