Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mothers Day Weekend

Saturday morning I went into town and met Alina at number one shoes! Guess what I did ?exactly what I said i wasn't going to do I bought some shoes hahahah! My thinking was that when I come back it will be winter and all the shoes will be picked over and they weren't that much. I also got Grant some shoes because he is working in town right now and on my way to meet Alina I stopped by and he showed me how his shoes were literally falling apart, it was pretty sad.

After some shopping Grant got off work so we met up with him and we went to lunch. Later in the day Grant and I worked more on getting our evidence for immigration together.

That night we went out to "dinner" with Alina and Tom. I say "dinner" because we were suppose to have dinner but we ended up just sitting at the bar area and they ordered bar food. I didn't eat and was a little annoyed because I am trying to eat really healthy and there is no healthy bar food! I hate when people say lets go to dinner and then we just eat at the bar, if I had known that was the plan I would have eaten before we left to go. I got over it by realizing that it is my own problem not theirs, drinking a ton of water and we played pool.

New Boots!

I broke down and finally dyed my hair a more normal color just till I get home and can get it colored properly. I guess my mom has a new lady that is really good! I want to go to my natural color, a dark blond. I am also letting my hair grow for a little while and growing my bangs out its a never ending cycle of me changing my mind long short long short I drive my self and everyone else who has to hear about it nuts.
Happy Mother's Day to everyone who is a Mother! Everyone woman in my family is a mom except me and Kristen!


beeswax said...

Wow I never thought of that, everyone in your family being a mother except you two. Enjoy singlehood, once you have a kid, it's a whole new story.
Cute boots - I hope Grant is making room for your clothes. HaHa.

Anonymous said...

Well my money is on you finding dark blonde boring - get some warm almost chocolatey lo lites and some hi lites and a dark blonde in between - I think your colour has just got a little solid, wish I had the colours so I could do it for you, never mind you best come back for haircuts when you return!! At least I know what bangs are now :)
See you next weekend (if I make it that long, Craig and I are both over being pregnant!!)


Lacey said...

i bought some boots that are very similar, same style.. cute! =)

Shannon Olson said...

Hi everyone thanks for the comments! Of course I will be coming back for hair cuts Mel, and THanks for the color advise it sounds good I don't like my solid color right now either its aweful!

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