Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My First Full Day In CA

Today was my first full day in CA. I forgot how much I love living around all my family and friends! Plus how much I love the warm dry weather. We woke up at a normal time about 7am and me and my mom and dad and the neighbor Teresa all went for a 2 mile walk the walk they do every morning. My mom and I then had breakfast and we got ready and went down to my Grandpa's shop and met them for lunch at the little onion this great Mexican food place! I had a chicken tostada yum. After the shop we dropped off some of my art that a friend wanted to borrow then we went and visited my cousin Amanda and her baby little Ryder! He is so cute and smart! She also did my eye brows and they look great =)

Us at the new shop
My Grandpa's new truck very nice, he said I could drive the race car next! ha ha I would just have to learn how to drive!

My mom and Ryder he started crying when we tried to leave that is why he has a funny look.

It was a great first day and we are getting a lot of stuff done. Tomorrow will be my first day back at the gym and my first day driving I think we will also get my hair done and go through the rest of the junk in my room. We are having a huge garage sale in a few weeks.


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