Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Last Day of Work!

Like I said in the last blog it has been raining on and off, but with out the rain I wouldn't have seen this pretty rainbow! Yesterday was my last day of work watching Sybilla. It was only a half day but we went for a walk and went to the park. Rebecca's mom is in town for mother's day and when they came back from the airport she gave me flowers and a really nice card that she made! The card says Shannon, Thank you for being my nanny! Thank you so much for looking after Sybilla so wonderfully this year, We'll all miss you lots of love Rebecca, Pete, and Sybilla XO. Isn't that a really nice card!
I will really miss Sybilla and working for the Thompson family.

My weekend plans have completely changed! The original plan was to leave Friday, today and drive down to Napier and visit Anna for the weekend. These plans changed for two major reasons A. the immigration called and said they need more evidence from Grant and I about our relationship(so this weekend will now be spent trying to gather every single letter, receipt, and anything else we can come up with to try to prove the relationship) B. Apparently there was a huge shoot out in Napier right where Anna lives and two cops were shot and the guy who did it is holed up in a house right near Anna and has a ton of bombs and rifles. No one can leave their houses and all the schools have been canceled. It is a real serious problem and I really don't want to go anywhere near it.

A few things to be positive about is; I think my face is getting a little better yay!, I think that Grant and I have more evidence that could help in our case, Alina said she wants to go shopping on Saturday and I have a few things I want to get to take home, and it is comedy month here in Auckland so I think that Grant and I are going to go to a few comedy acts!

Sybilla on my last full day of being a nanny! Isn't she cute =)

A water color of a NZ bird that I painted

The pretty flowers that Rebecca got me!

The super cute card that Rebecca made me

So that is it for now! In my spare time I will be doing art and organizing all my stuff to go home.
I miss everyone and can't wait to see all of you!
PS can everyone please update their blogs? I would like to see what is happening in CA!


Anonymous said...

y Shannon, can't believe it's nearly time for you to fly home!
Beautiful flowers and how cut is Sybilla getting!!
I reckon you should tell immigration to read your blog.
Take care

beeswax said...

Sybilla has grown up and changed so much in the one year you've been there. She's a sweet girl and I'm going to miss seeing and talking to her on Skype. We need to get her a computer and put Skype on it so she can talk to us.
Love MOM

Lacey said...

i was going to say the same thing, Sybilla has grown so much since you first got there! obviously she had to haha.. but such a change. realizing you have been gone and i have been reading this for a year really makes me realize how fast time goes by! hope everything goes well with immigration

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