Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Last Weekend in Auckland! for a while!

This is my last weekend in NZ, for three months! Saturday night Grant and I went out to a comedy show in town. The guys name is Carey Marx and he was pretty funny, but I wasn't laughing hysterically or anything like that. Grant was laughing harder and this random guy in the audience that had this huge loud laugh.
After the show we met Alina and Tom at the Mexican Cafe. We had to wait for 50 min so I had a glass of sangria, it was good they made it slightly different then what I was use to, but very good! For dinner I had the chicken taco salad and it was really good too.

While waiting for our food of course we started screwing around and Alina some how pulled part of the fake cactus plant apart and we were joking around with it.

the wait was sorta long ahahaha

After dinner we met some of our friends at the back yard bar where we all did some dancing!
No one in this group is shy!

Me and Nick (the kid that works with Grant)

He was drunk hahahha

Today is Sunday and we are all getting ready to have a going away BBQ for me at the Thompson house. I made some guacamole this morning and then have just been cleaning and organizing my room.


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